Happy First Birthday to the Field!

It’s our first birthday! Meet the team that’s levelling the playing Field in our special anniversary video.

Can you believe it’s already been twelve months since we launched Australia’s first disability-inclusive job board?

We’ve accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. From bringing over 500 companies across Australia to the platform, to providing thousands of Australians with disability with an accessible way to search for meaningful employment, we couldn’t be prouder of how far we’ve come.

Of course, we couldn’t do it without the team that keeps the engine running. That’s why we’d like you to meet some of our dedicated Fieldsters in a very special first anniversary video.

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At the Field, every member of the team is committed to levelling the playing Field when it comes to employment opportunities for people with disability. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last 12 months.

Video transcript: Its our first birthday!

We know you’ve me our founder…

Dylan Alcott: Hi, everyone, it’s Dylan Alcott here and I want to say happy birthday to us at theField.jobs!

But I think it’s time you met some of our other team members too!

Martin Alcott: Hi everyone. Martin Alcott here.

Hamish Swain: Hey everyone. My name is Hamish and I’m the head of Customer Experience and Business Development here at the Field.

Santiago Martinez: Hi, my name is Santiago Martinez and I’m the Senior User Interface Designer for the Field.

Rhys Baxter: Hi, my name is Rhys. I’m part of the Customer Support team.

Rebecca Zafirakos: Hi everyone, my name is Rebecca and I’m the Customer Support Manager here at the Field.

Cobie Moore: Hi, my name is Cobie and I’m a Test Analyst at the Field.

Rhea Realo: Hi, my name is Rhea Realo and I’ve been with the field for nearly 20 months now and I was hired to lead the implementation and development of the platform, theField.jobs

What do we do?

0:49 – Martin Alcott: the Field connects people with disability who want to work with employers that want to employ more inclusively.

Why do we love working here?

We are champions for change

1:01 – Santiago Martinez: One of the values that we have here at the Field is that we are champions for change, and this value means a lot to me. And the reason why is because as a person living with disability, I know how difficult it is to find just an opportunity to demonstrate our talents or passions.

1:20 – Rebecca Zafirakos: And when you find it, it changes your life. What I love is that everyone here at the field has a passion for disability, has a passion to be an advocate in the diversity and in the inclusion space. So that is where I feel that we are driving this change in society, which is something that’s really exciting

We call people in, rather than call them out

1:44 – Hamish Swain: In terms of working with employers. We we want to create that safe, inclusive space for them to learn about hiring people with disability and to also build that confidence, because that’s when we really see that change shift.

We are gutsy and we take employment seriously, not ourselves

1:58 – Rhys Baxter: In particular, for me, humour has been a really important part of my personality, but also growing up with ADHD and then acquiring a spinal cord injury at the age of 19, it was a really big coping mechanism for me of getting through my disability and learning to incorporate that into a part of my personality. And so I love using humour to create a bit of levity and help people relax, to have open conversations about my disability and being a wheelchair user

2:26 – Rhea Realo: As they say, time flies by fast when you’re having fun. There’s never a dull moment at the field and working with my amazing colleagues is an absolute pleasure. But don’t be fooled. We take our job seriously. We strongly believe that everyone deserves meaningful employment and that’s one of the reasons we do what we do. Happy launch anniversary, Fieldsters!

We are authentically disability-driven


A short video showing a staff member Joel driving through the Field office in his power wheelchair, towing Rebecca who is seated on an office chair.

2:52 – Cobie Moore: To me, the most important value that we have here at the Field is that we are authentically disability driven. There are many people with disability working at the field, including myself, I live with spinal cord injury and I am very grateful to be able to work on a platform that was designed by people with disability and the idea was driven and implemented by people with disability, for people with disability.

Thank you for an amazing 12 months! If you are an employer looking to get started with accessible hiring, use the promo code BIRTHDAY25 to enjoy 25% off all purchases (excluding custom/enterprise packages) until November 30th.


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