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Inclusive Employer profiles: the why and how

Breaking down the why and how of 3 key employer profile features to maximise your profile's inclusivity and attract the best candidates.

Completing your profile in any application takes time, and we know that when you’re hiring for your organisation, time is precious. That’s why we want to break down 3 of our features into smaller chunks, to make it clear why they’re there and to make finishing your profile on the Field easier. We’ve put together the how and why of these features to get you started.


Accessible features


Adding your workplace’s accessible features to your profile might seem tricky at first. You may ask, what if our building doesn’t have all the features listed? What if there aren’t enough accessible features in my workplace? How do I even find out what we do and don’t have?

Rest assured, there are no right or wrong answers here. The accessibility features on the Field are there to reflect your work environment. They are there for candidates to judge for themselves whether the space is accessible for their preferences and requirements.

Example of how the accessible building entry appears on a public profile, including icon, name (accessible building entry) and description (main entrance, ramp access) next to a photograph


If you’re not sure what your workplace does and doesn’t have, a great place to start is to take yourself on a tour of your office. Bring along our easy checklist and tick off what you do and don’t have as you go through. If you’re not in the workspace often, you can always get one of your teammates to help you out. This will help when you’re onboarding new employees as well, as you’ll know exactly what your workspace does and doesn’t have.


Accessible parking and transport


Similar to the accessible features, what is accessible for one person may not be accessible for another. Adding accessible parking and transport to your profile gives candidates the information to decide whether they can access the workspace.

Image of a carpark showing accessible parking, to the right of: Space name: 570 St Kilda Road Melbourne Type: Onsite Details: wheelchair accessible parking space available in underground carpark of Get Skilled Access - Melbourne office


Chances are your workspace will have accessible parking either in the building itself, or nearby. Adding an image of the park will help people decide whether the space works for them (don’t forget to add Alt text!). When it comes to public transport, look for clearly signed train stations with lift access and check out your local transport website for accessible stops.


Disability inclusive badging


the Field has been designed to make employment more disability inclusive. A huge part of this is reflecting on current hiring practises and working through how they can be improved. We want all employers on the Field to complete the free foundation learning workshops and earn the disability inclusive badges that come along with them.

An Image of the inclusive badging options in the learning hub, including Defining disability and inclusion, disability inclusive communication and disability inclusive recruitment. All marked "complete"


Complete the learning workshops in our Learning hub! Each workshop takes no more than 20 minutes, and the workshop badge goes onto your profile automatically once you’ve completed the quiz. We encourage all the users connected to your employer profile to complete the courses. You can also do the courses as many times as you like!

Employer profiles on the Field have many great and unique features designed to maximise accessibility and inclusivity. Our team at the Field team are here to provide support as you build your profile and start to find fantastic talent on our accessible job site. To find out more about building a fantastic and inclusive profile on the Field, check out more of our blogs or join one of our Eventbrite sessions.   

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