Let's level the playing field

What is the Field?

The Field is a job site, built by and for people with disability that actively connects people with disability with jobs from inclusive employers. the Field was launched by founder Dylan Alcott AO on Wednesday 9th of November at Parliament House, with some of the Field team, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Minister Bill Shorten and Minister Amanda Rishworth.

Supported by the Albanese Government, it opens access to a largely untapped marketplace of people wanting to work with extraordinary talent and capability, in all industries, all roles, and at all levels.

Designed, delivered and led by people with disability, the Field provides equitable access to job seekers, while simplifying the recruitment process for employers. Australians with disability now have more job and career opportunities than ever before.

Why the Field?

The employment rate for people with a disability has not changed in over 28 years compared to those without disability. There are 4.4 million Australians who identify as having a disability of which 2.1 million are of working age, with nearly half a million actively seeking work.  

 The Field is here to level up employment opportunities by removing the accessibility barriers often faced by people with disability in traditional employment platforms and recruitment processes. The Field has been co-designed with people with disability from different age groups, demographics and experiences to develop a purpose-built job site that ensures our users have a seamless experience. The Field is fully accessible, has unique features allowing job seekers to showcase themselves, skills and experience in a format that they choose.  

How we can help increase the employment of people with disability

The Australian Public Service Disability Employment Strategy 2020 – 25 has committed to increasing the number of people with disability to 7% in the APS by 2025. This will be achieved through attraction, recruitment and retention initiatives. The APS should be considered an employer of choice that is well-regarded in the broader disability community.

Together with Universal McCann, the Field will enable Federal Government Departments to expand employment pathways by purposely and actively recruiting more candidates that identify with disability.

The features in our job site have been designed to improve hiring outcomes for inclusive departments and ensuring am inclusive and accessible platform for people with disability. These include:

  1. The ability for organisations to showcase their commitment D&I and share how they are ready to work with a person with disability
  2. Departments can share the features they have in their workplace, giving candidates transparency over accessibility and choice to make an informed decision about your role
  3. Job seekers set up a personal profile page, helping employers get to know the applicant in a format they are comfortable with
  4. Resumes are flexible, the Field support written, audio or video format resumes and cover letters
  5. The application process is in a platform, which ensures your documents and information can be prepopulated to a job advert or application
  6. The user experience is fully tested, streamlined and accessible.
  7. Dedicated customer support team on hand to help candidates and hiring managers set themselves up for success
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Did you know?

Workplaces that build a diverse and disability inclusive teams are:

  • 9 x more likely to innovate
  • 49% more likely to fill skills gaps
  • Record a 61% increase in workplace morale
  • Record a 34% increase in customer loyalty

Help level the playing field in employment and post your jobs with Universal Mc Cann on the Field.